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About Options Counseling Services

Mission statement, statement of organizational philosophy and principles of operation

Options Counseling Services, LLC is dedicated to providing quality, cost effective care for our clients and their families. We are committed to being the best mental health provider for our clients and their families.We offer a variety of services throughout the Rhinelander School District.

Statement of organizational philosophy and principles of operation:

Through many years of working with clients, Options’ staff members believe that the best counseling approach is one founded in respect, empathy and individuality. In our opinion, the “one size/program fits all” is wishful thinking among treatment providers. We know every person is unique and every family has its own manner of functioning. Through careful evaluation, we will identify OPTIONS for individuals and their family members.

Suggestions and recommendations are offered in an atmosphere of honesty, humor and hope! During the treatment process, strength and coping skills are reviewed with each individual. Clients are strongly encouraged to make informed decisions regarding possible treatment OPTIONS and our treatment staff recognize that “timing can be everything”. Creative thinking with clients and others involved in their lives initiates a realistic treatment plan, which, in turn, will make change and recovery more likely. In addition, we find a solution-focused approach to be particularly helpful, even for those clients who have experienced previous treatment challenges.

While working with individual clients, consultation is often helpful in achieving a positive treatment outcome.  With our client’s permission, Options’ staff will work effectively with family members, social workers, school officials, physicians, clergy, and other concerned people directly involved in an individual’s life.

Our mission statement, philosophy and principles are our foundation of service to the families we serve. Options Counseling Services puts the client first. Options’ staff is dedicated to finding a solution that works for each client and their family.

Options also believes that our customers include not only the clients and their families, but also our referral sources. We pride ourselves on being a “gazelle” organization. This means that we are able to respond to problems in a timely manner and that we are not a hierarchy organization. Our staff is empowered to make decisions that benefit our clients, families, and our referral sources.