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Effective solutions-focused approach to meet individual’s specific needs.

The world of today is vastly different than the one of the past. Many people are faced with difficult decisions and tension that at times can be somewhat overwhelming.

Family members, and other concerned persons may be at a loss, not knowing what to do or where to go to get the best help for their loved one.

They are seeking... Options

Through many years of counseling individuals, our Options Counseling Services staff believes that the best approach is one founded in respect, empathy, and individuality. The “one size fits all” theory is wishful thinking since each individual is different and each family has its own unique way of functioning.

Through careful evaluation, we will help each individual and their family identify Options that are tailor-fit to meet their needs. Suggestions and recommendations are offered in an atmosphere of honesty, hope, and humor. Acknowledging that “proper timing can be everything”, our treatment staff encourages clients to make informed decisions regarding possible treatment. We find that a solutions-focused approach is the most effective, even for the resistive client.

Consultation with all persons who impact the individual's life is essential. We work cooperatively and confidentially with family members and others to provide a thorough evaluation. Recommendations for any course of treatment are always with the individual’s, and family’s, best interests in mind.